The Light Factory

Who We Are

Who We Are

‘That’s no moon, it’s a space station’
— Obi Wan Kenobi

Actually it’s The Light Factory. One of Calgary’s most unique and effective full-service video production houses. Years of experience working in both the commercial and corporate video world, and crafting videos for international clients, local marketing agencies, and independents, has given us a clear perspective on how to best utilize the craft for your purposes.   

Gone are the days of needing a huge production company full of middle men and approval people.

You will collaborate directly with us during the entire creative process. Creativity is the one thing that differentiates all work - and this is where we place the greatest value. As time goes on all video tools and companies are able to make things ‘look good’, but that’s not what you should be paying for. An effective video can be shot on your phone as long and an effective, compelling, and personal idea is behind it.


The Bretts, beautifully portrayed by Mandy Stobo and her 'Bad Portraits' series.