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How We Do It

Collaborative & Impactful Storytelling

From small start-ups to large multinational corporations, we are able to adapt and craft the most effective video for your needs. Whether you’re wanting a broadcast or YouTube commercial, a video series for your blog, educational or recruitment videos, or something wildly experimental, we’ve got the equipment and experience to collaborate and capture your message.


This is where the real success of your video takes shape. From concept and idea development, to location scouting, casting, and setting those important scheduling and deadline dates.


This is the fun part. With the team assembled we start and complete the shooting and execution of your video. From shooting on the mountains of the Canadian rockies, to conference centres and large studios, we have the gear and crew to shoot in the best places possible.


This is where the puzzle pieces are put together (that’s editing) and your production gets the shiny finishing paint job. With the addition of sound mixing, colour grading, and graphics, you’re video becomes complete.   

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The Light Factory sets the bar very high for excellent customer service, high quality video production and fast delivery. Within 5 days of the video shoot, they delivered a perfect video for our company. We're very excited to work with them again soon!

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